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OfficeSuite Pro is a well known app on Google Play Store that millions of people use to work on office files. Although there are numerous other similar apps available but OfficeSuite Pro is known for its simple user interface and advanced features which increase productivity. Interestingly it also has tons of add-ons that you can install if you want to use those additional features. OfficeSuite Pro is a combination of three different apps; word processor, spreadsheet and presentations.

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Some of the most appreciated features of OfficeSuite Pro are its elegant design, editing tools and support for cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and others. However, it also lacks a basic feature of version tracking that makes it hard for users to track changes on a document. The developing team behind this app releases updates and new features regularly to fix bugs, improve its performance and to support latest devices.

OfficeSuite Pro has been facing tough competition from other office apps like Documents To Go and Polaris Office but because of its tools and support, it is the most popular office app on Android devices. Although OfficeSuite Pro only supports three kind of documents but it does support a wide range of file formats including PPT, DOCX, CSV and many others. Another great feature of OfficeSuite Pro is its file navigation system. Most of the other office apps do not have proper file explorer or navigation system.

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The lack of such explorer makes it harder for users to find the right file from their device. This is an unrated feature that other office apps do not focus on. Interestingly OfficeSuite Pro supports voice commands too which is quite a useful feature for people who love using voice search commands on their mobile devices. Other than packing their app with tons of functions, OfficeSuite Pro also has gone to the extra mile to curate a proper documentation for each feature so users can learn to use this app easily.

There are separate guides and documentation for word processor, spreadsheet and presentation. You can also contact customer support directly from the app itself that makes things even easier. Users can download and install dictionaries separately and the pack if available for $5. OfficeSuite Pro wasn’t a perfect app back then; the previous version of OfficeSuite Pro had a unique bug of not showing italic text on Samsung devices. The developing team fixed that bug in a short amount of time and released the patch so users can fix this issue.

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OfficeSuite Pro is available for $15 that seems like a fair deal considering its features and design. Although some of its competitors are available with a lower price tag and some of them like Google’s own office suite are available for free, OfficeSuite Pro is still the best and most valuable office suite available for Android devices. It supports a wide range of devices including phones and tablets. Amazingly, it also works on older devices with low system resources perfectly without any lagging of reduced performance.

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