Microsoft has finally combined OneNote apps for iPhone and iPad. Now only one app is available for iOS devices and the iPad version has been discontinued. Additionally, iPad users with Microsoft OneNote app already installed on their devices will be prompted to re-download the app from iTunes, although this is not the only new feature OneNote app has brought. The iPad version of OneNote now has all the advanced features that iPhone users were enjoying on their devices. For example, now OneNote app can be accessed on iPad via notification center while this feature was earlier available on iPhone only.

Microsoft also released update for Android version of OneNote and the latest update comes with some most wanted features like ability to copy notes from one note or notebook to another. As the iPhone version of OneNote has become the main app, iPad users have the latest update to access newly added features. With the help of widget in notification center, iPad users will be able to create instant notes and capture pictures. OneNote is exclusively designed and developed for people who do a lot of note taking and collaborate with their colleagues on multiple projects as this app can keep things managed and clean.

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One of the best features of OneNote is its ability to recognize words in pictures; so you can search words and phrases even in pictures that make it easier to find the specific piece of information you are looking for. Also OneNote syncs all the notes with server so you can access your work on any device using the same account. Like most of the other note taking apps and services like Evernote, OneNote also focuses on productivity by implementing typing as well as handwriting input. Users can also record audio, take picture and use smart search features.

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In order to use OneNote on any device, you must have Microsoft account. If you are already using Outlook then you can use the same account for OneNote too. This app allows users to concentrate on the note taking task by implementing minimal user interface and features on the main screen. Users can create multiple notebooks and each notebook can have multiple tabs called sections. In each section you can add multiple notes and keep them organized. All the new notes automatically goes to a specific tab called Quick Notes.

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Although OneNote is available for iOS, Android and other platforms too but the Windows version of OneNote gets latest features before anyone else. iPhone 6 Plus users can take advantage of big screen while using OneNote on their devices as the app allows sketches and handwriting. The iOS 8 version of OneNote allows users to share their notes via a number of options including email and other apps. The Android version of OneNote takes full advantage of the platform and Microsoft has created multiple widgets for Android devices. Users can take picture or take a note directly from Android Home Screen. OneNote is also available for Android Wear so users can read and create notes.

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