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Opera Mini is a well known browser available for desktop and mobile devices. The mobile version of Opera browser got overnight popularity few years ago because of its data saving feature as users want to use less and less data while using expensive data plans. However, data saving is not the only feature Opera Mini offers. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why Opera Mini deserves to be your default browser.


Chrome being the native browser on Android devices has a distinctive advantage over other 3rd party browsers like Opera Mini and UC Browsers because it integrates with the operating system and Android ecosystem on a much deeper level. However, Opera Mini is quite impressive in terms of performance as it uses a unique compression technology that allows the browser to compress web pages up to 90% of their original size. Reduced size means the pages load much faster.

This claim is made by Opera Mini itself but it is not that hard to conduct performance test on your own. Install UC Browser, Opera Mini, Chrome and whatever browser on your Android device and open the same website one by one on those browsers, and note down the time. In our test results conducted on Galaxy Note 4 using Wi-Fi network, Opera Mini proved to be almost 100% faster than UC browser and 15% faster than Google Chrome.

Data Saver

As mentioned above, Opera Mini compresses web pages and reduces data consumption significantly. Interestingly, major mobile browsers like Google Chrome now have incorporated similar features too. But Opera Mini has been doing this from the start and that’s the advantage they have over their competitors. It is the ideal feature for people who use expensive data plans or pay per MB. Similarly, people who occasionally use mobile data while roaming can make a significant difference in their phone bill by using Opera Mini.

Language Support and Miscellaneous   

Opera Mini supports 90 languages which is an impressive feature; some of these languages are Arabic, English, German, Italian, Urdu, French, Spanish and many other major languages. Other than supporting almost 100 languages, Opera Mini comes with some other minor features that are usually overlooked but can make a big difference in user experience. For example, the Discover feature shows latest contents everyday so you can keep yourself updated all the time.

The night mode allows users to make the white and bright screen dark for night reading. Just like Google Chrome, users can also add their favorite websites on the homepage like a speed dial.

Ad Blocker

Opera Mini comes with built in ad blocker; the purpose of this ad blocking feature is to reduce the page loading time, reduce data consumption and of course get rid of annoying ads that occupy a big part of the screen. Even if for some reason you are happy with your current browser, Opera Mini is still worth a try.

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