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Opera Mini Browser is around us for more than 20 years and it is the second oldest web browser in the world. It is also considered the third most popular and widely used browser after Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The company released its mobile browser named Opera Mini Mobile few years ago and it got instant popularity because of a specific feature which allowed users to save their internet usage by compressing webpages.

Other than this data saving function, Opera Mini Mobile also has tons of other features related to productivity and security that are its main selling points. Opera Mobile is available for almost all mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others. It is known for its performance and usually opens websites spending almost the same time other browsers take. However, speed and performance is not a useful thing if the browser is hard to navigate.

The earlier version of Opera Mobile had an entirely different user interface and now the developing team behind this browser has made some amazing improvements. Interestingly, Opera Mini browser is known for introducing many features which have become a standard nowadays.


For example, Opera Mini was the first browser to use tabs and integrated search features in a browser. These two features alone revolutionized the internet and how people surf it. Later, the company introduced built-in mail client, tab stacking and bookmarking features.

Opera Mobile comes with built-in security features which check every website and web page you visit for malware and malicious code. Although Opera Mobile provides a much better security layer than its competitors but it also does that without using excessive amount of system resources and it does this instantly. Users can customize these security settings and turn off this feature if they don’t want it. Of course, doing so, you’ll be making your device and information more vulnerable.

The best thing about Opera Mobile is its clean interface which is easy to learn and easy to use. Even a new user can learn almost all the features in few minutes and start using Opera Mobile like a pro without any external help. You can use same account on multiple devices and Opera Mobile would automatically sync data like speed dials, bookmarks and search engine history on all devices.

Opera Mobile is a great web browser that has been available for decades however it still lacks some features. For example it does not have add-ons; although some other popular web browsers like Google Chrome also do not have add-ons but many web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Dolphin Browser support add-ons and they have their own add-on stores.

Most of the people who use Opera Mobile, like it because it delivers a perfect combination of customization and simplicity. It is simple and easy to use like Google Chrome and it is customizable like Mozilla Firefox. The developing team regularly launches beta versions so users who don’t want to wait for the final version, can use the beta version and discover new features.

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