Paid iOS Apps That Are Available For Free

Here we are again, with another list of some amazing paid iOS apps that are currently available for free on iTunes. These offers are for a limited time so you need to hurry up to grab these apps without spending a single penny. Here is brief introduction of these apps and their features.



NEXT is a music player app that is exclusively available for iOS devices. Although there are thousands of similar apps available on iTunes, NEXT is different because of its gesture controls and other features like smart playlist and music sharing. The app is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad. While listening to your favorite music on iOS devices you can enjoy the beautiful art and graphics on the screen.

Also, while listening to a song, you can “like” it and NEXT would save that song in a spate playlist of all the songs you like. The app is fully compatible with iTunes playlists so you don’t have to worry about messing your playlists with NEXT playlists. The built-in sharing feature allows users to share their favorite songs with their friends via Facebook, Twitter and other options. NEXT usually sells for $2 and right now it is available for free.

Device Finder

Device Finder, the name of this app is pretty self explanatory but you would think, “why I need a 3rd party app when I can use the built in Find My iPhone?” and the reason is Device Finder is not only compatible with Apple Watch but it also supports a wide range of other Bluetooth devices that you can find within seconds by using this app. The app was selling for $6 few days ago and now it is free on iTunes. It can find Apple Watch, Beats headphones, Misfit and many other devices.


As the name suggests, iMySystem provides lots of information about your iOS device by using 150 different data points which is pretty amazing. It provides information about device itself, storage space, RAM, sensors, network, media, location and many other things. iMySystem usually sells for $1 and you only have to buy it once to run its different versions on iPhone, iPad and iPod. And now you don’t even have to buy it as the app is available for free for a limited time.

Most of the people use iMySystem to see the details about all files stored on their devices so they can delete unnecessary files which occupy lots of space. You can share system information via a number of ways like Facebook, Twitter, email and others.


My List

My List is a to-do list app and service that is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS 8 or higher. There might be hundreds of to-do list apps available on iTunes but My List is among the most popular ones because of its easy to use and simple interface that a new user can start using instantly after installing the app. You can get My List for free until it reverts to $1 price tag.

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