Paid iOS Apps That Are Available For Free

Many developers have put their paid iOS apps on sale on iTunes and you can download these amazing apps for free for a limited time period. Here is brief introduction of these apps and their features.


ReliCam is a 3rd party camera app that is specifically designed for iPhone users however it is compatible with other iOS devices like iPad and iPod as well. The main idea behind this app is to provide users full control over the camera app so they can manually set different features before capturing beautiful moments. This app features manual control of focus, zoom, shutter speed, ISO and many other things.


The latest version of ReliCam comes with support for Apple Watch where users can install the app on Apple Watch and use it as a remote for the camera app. Usually ReliCam sells for $1 and right now you can get it for free from iTunes. The app not only supports photos but you can also capture stunning videos with it.


VidMate is a great app that is designed for people who love music and want to discover new songs that they might like. The app features millions of songs from YouTube and users can create playlists and categorize them based on the genre. Although VidMate has a huge collection of music yet its most popular feature is “hottest music” where music lovers can discover latest music by genres. Other than that, the app allows users to add unlimited songs in their playlists and the built-in music player comes with features like shuffle and repeat.


iPicBox is the most amazing photo gallery and photo managing app that is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS 7 or higher. It supports 3D tough on latest iPhone models and the best thing about this app is its support for TouchID. You can store your pictures privately locked via TouchID so you can unlock those images with your fingerprint.

The developing team behind iPicBox has done tremendous job designing the app as there are lots of beautiful themes and other customization tools to beatify the user interface. iPicBox comes with built-in sharing features so you can share your favorite pictures on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, QQ and others. iPicBox was selling for $1 until few days ago and now you can get it for free from iTunes.

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File Pro

File Pro, as the name suggests is a file management app that is exclusively available for iOS devices. Unlike most of the other file manager apps, File Pro is a complete suite that comes with lots of features like browser, file viewer and media player. The app supports gestures so you can control features with simple gestures on the screen. The app supports a wide range of file formats including documents, audio files, video files, archives and many others. File Pro had $3 price tag until few days ago and right now it is available for free from limited time.

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