Paid iOS Apps That Are Available for Free

Here we are, with another list of some amazing paid iOS apps that are available for free on iTunes for a limited time period. Following is brief introduction of these apps and their features.

Dual Browser

Dual Browser is an interesting app exclusively available for iOS devices and the name of it is pretty self explanatory. The app is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7 or higher. It is not like opening two tabs at the same time but you would be using two browsers simultaneously that is amazing. Those two browsers would run independently from each other with all the standard navigational features you see in a typical browser.

You can use next/previous buttons to go back and forth between pages and you can even share the screen. Both of the browsers allow saving URL which is quite similar to bookmarking. However, on iPad you can run video on one browser. The best thing about Dual Browser is its memory usage where developers have specifically made the app light weight so it doesn’t use excessive memory. Dual Browser usually sells for $4 and now you can get it for free from iTunes.


Easy Spending

Easy Spending is a money management and expense tracking app that comes with lots of amazing features to help users keep a keen eye on their spending habit and even control it. The app uses beautifully designed graphs and visual elements to make things boring so users can get an idea without tangling with the numbers. Not only users can set a budget but they can also set reminders like bill reminder to keep things in order.

iAV Player

There are hundreds of 3rd party media players and similar apps available for iOS devices and those apps come with lots of features that people like. However, many users prefer simplistic user interface with only basic features so they can run audio and video files without going through a long procedure. That’s where iAV Player comes in handy; this light weight iOS app is specifically designed for people who want to run every audio and video format via a single app.

It supports AVI, MP4, MKV and lots of other file formats which are common these days. iAV Player was selling for $2 until few days ago and now you can get it for free for a limited time. It comes with Wi-Fi file transfer feature, image view and it can even deal with archives like Zip files.



You might find the name a little weird yet the app does perfectly what it is supposed to do. SaveAgram is an iOS app that is designed for Instagram lovers who want to download their favorite pictures and videos on their iOS devices. The app is compatible with all devices running iOS 8 or higher and even with lots of features SaveAgram is a light weight app. You can download it for free from iTunes until it reverts back to its original $2 price tag. You can download videos in HD and the app downloads contents pretty fast.


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