Paid iOS Apps That Are Available For Free

Here we are again, with another list of paid iOS apps that are available for free on iTunes for a limited time. Following is brief introduction of these apps and their features.

Magic Launcher Pro

Android devices are known for their 3rd party launchers where users can transform their devices based on their preferences. These launchers not only beautify the device but also increase productivity and utility. Magic Launcher Pro is a quite similar app available for iOS devices and it is compatible with all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod running iOS 8 or higher. The latest version of Magic Launcher Pro comes with multiple languages support that is pretty impressive.


The best thing about Magic Launcher Pro is its support for more than 10,000 different apps, widgets and actions. Additionally, the app is highly customizable so you can transform its look based on your preferences and how you use the device. Magic Launcher Pro usually sells for $3 and right now you can get it for free from iTunes for a limited time. You can add shortcuts for your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Call, Messages, FaceTime and others on notification bar for easy access.

Tactus Music Player

The native music player on iOS devices comes with the basic features but they are not enough for people who want advance controls and options. Tactus Music Player is a well known music player and it is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 7 or higher. The best thing about Tactus Music Player is gesture controls that allow users to control almost everything (like pause, play, previous etc.) in the app using gestures.

Automatic Voice Recorder

There are tons of audio recording apps available for iOS devices and almost all of them come with lots of features and options. Unfortunately, they neglect the fact that a voice recording app should be easy to use and as simple as possible so the user can record important things without being distracted by features and options that are unnecessary here. That’s where Automatic Voice Recorder comes in handy.

This is probably the simplest voice recording app that comes with an elegant user interface. Users are required to press and hold the recording button to record things they want to save. All of the recordings directly go to the library from where users can decide to delete them if needed. Automatic Voice Recorder comes with $4 price tag and for a limited time you can get it for free.



Mooncast is an amazing app that is specifically designed for people who love astronomy and astrology. As the name suggests, the app shows the current moon phase and it allows users to set reminders for their favorite time/day or phase of the moon. For example, you can set a reminder for a full moon and the app would remind you on the day of full moon. Other than that, Mooncast comes with multiple languages support. Usually Mooncast sells for $1 on iTunes.

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