Paid iOS Apps That Are Available for Free

Here we are again, with another list of some amazing paid iOS apps that are currently available for free. For your convenience, here is introduction of these apps and their features. Make sure you grab these apps as soon as possible because we have no idea when the sale is going to end.

ACDSee Camera Pro

ACDSee does not need an introduction as the company has been developing photo editing and other relevant software for desktop computers for years. They released their mobile app for iOS devices a while ago and now users can download ACDSee Camera Pro from iTunes for free. As the name suggests, ACDSee Camera Pro is a camera replacement app that you can use to capture amazing pictures in RAW format. The app is compatible with all iOS devices even the latest iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera.

The best thing about ACDSee Camera Pro is its manual controls that give users full control over the process. Users can control focus, exposure, white balance and many other things that are not available in the native camera app. Other than that, ACDSee Camera Pro has more than 20 effects and filters that could be applied in real time. The app was selling for $5 until few days ago and now it is free.

Sketch Me

The name of this app is pretty self explanatory and Sketch Me is unique and better than most of the similar apps because it does not have lots of features to distract users but instead users can apply 19 different effects with single tap. Sketch Me have popular effects like pencil sketch, pastel, cartoon, white and black strokes and many others to beauty the images. The app was selling for $2 last week and now it is available for free on iTunes.

Magic Contacts Pro

Magic Contacts Pro is advertised as “the ultimate contacts app” and this claim is nearly accurate as Magic Contacts Pro comes with lots of features that are dramatically easy to use and increase the day to day productivity of users. Like many other apps, Magic Contacts Pro utilizes the notification center to display widget that users can use to make phone calls, send messages and even use 3rd party apps like WhatsApp to contact their friends and colleagues.

With Magic Contacts Pro, iOS users don’t have to open relevant apps (like phone, messages, WhatsApp, email, FaceTime etc.) but instead they can simple pull down the notification center and make calls within a second. Magic Contacts Pro is available for free on iTunes until it reverts back to its $2 price tag.

3D Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Although wallpapers and backgrounds apps are not as popular right now as they were few years ago but 3D Wallpapers and Backgrounds still have millions of users all over the globe and it is the most popular app in its category in many countries. 3D Wallpapers and Backgrounds features more than 100,000 high quality wallpapers that could be downloaded easily. The app sells for $1 and now it is available for free.

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