Paid iOS Apps That Are Available for Free

Here we are again, with a new list of some amazing iOS apps that are currently available for free on iTunes. Like always, we don’t know when these sales are going to end so grab these apps as soon as you can. For your convenience, here is brief introduction of some apps and their features.


Kool is a relatively newer iOS app that simple performs one thing and it does it perfectly; Kool converts speech into text that makes it easier for users to write long text without hurting their fingers. Although Kool was earlier designed specifically for people who hate typing but now the app has millions of users all over the globe – even the people who love typing but prefer the easiness of speech to text conversion.

The best thing about Kool is its ability to work with any app; users can use Kool to write messages in WhatsApp, iMessage, email and many other apps. Kool usually sells for $4 that is a fair price considering its amazing feature and right now you can get it for free from iTunes. People also like the sleek and minimal design of the app that does not use excessive system resources. Kool is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 8 or higher.

Secret Calculator

Secret Calculator helps users hide their videos and pictures behind a fully functional calculator. That is an amazing idea to hide your media from people who love taking a peek into your photos and videos. This amazing app usually sells for $2 and now you can get it for free from iTunes for a limited time.

PDF Conversion

PDF Conversion does exactly what it name suggests; although there are hundreds of other apps available for iOS devices that do the same thing but PDF Conversion is unique and a little better than most of them because of its easiness. It doesn’t come with lots of features that most of the users don’t use at all. The developing team behind PDF Conversion has done its best to keep thing simple and straightforward.

The app is compatible with all iOS devices, even the latest ones with latest iOS 10 installed on them. After capturing the image, you can crop the document and with a single tap the app would convert the image into PDF. After that you can share the file with your friends or colleagues via sharing options like email, Google Drive, Dropbox and others. PDF Conversion had $1 price tag earlier this week and now it is available for free.

Call Blocker

Call Blocker is a popular app that is available in more than 170 countries all over the globe and has millions of users who use the app regularly to get rid of unwanted calls and messages. Regardless of what your reasons are to reject a call or message, you can do it with Call Blocker in simple steps. Download the app from iTunes for free (the app usually sells for $1) and put unwanted numbers in rejection list.

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