Paid iOS Apps That Are Available for Free

Many developers have put their paid iOS apps on sale and you can download those apps for free from iTunes for a limited time. Following is brief introduction of these apps and their features.

Onion Browser

Onion Browser is the official app for TOR users; in case you haven’t heard the name, TOR (The Onion Router) is the ultimate way to protect your online identity and privacy while using the internet. Onion Browser allows users to be anonymous on the internet and hide their IP address from hackers, websites and even government agencies. The app was selling for $1 until few days ago and now it is available for free on iTunes.

The app is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 7 or higher. Unlike most of the other browsers which come with pretty standard features, Onion Browser is packed with lots of advance features and privacy tools to help users protect themselves on the internet.

Heart Rate Monitor

Apple Watch comes with built-in heart rate monitoring sensor but you don’t need an expensive watch to get all the fun. Heart Rate Monitor is an app available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad that allows users to out their finger on the back camera and check their heart rate within few seconds. The app usually sells for $2 and it has millions of users all over the globe.

Web Recorder Pro

Web Recorder Pro does exactly what its name suggests; it allows users to record their web activities. Although a close alternative is taking pictures (via screenshot) but most of the times pictures are not as helpful and explanatory as compared to videos. Despite the fact Web Recorder Pro does it perfectly, the app is pretty easy to use. After downloading the app from iTunes for free (until it reverts back to its original $2 price tag) you can open the browser and tap on the recording button to start recording.

The same button is used to stop recording. Web Recorder Pro can capture videos in high quality and the best thing about this app is its efficiency. It does not use excessive amount of system resources and run smoothly on all iOS devices including the older versions of these devices.

CleanUp Pro

CleanUp Pro is a must-have app for people who have tons of unnecessary contacts on their iOS device. The most basic function of a phone is making calls and for that you need the contacts or address book. However, our contacts become messy because we do not remove duplicate contacts and sometimes we even save contacts with no name or no number. CleanUp Pro can help users overcome this issue.

CleanUp Pro usually sells for $1 that is a fair price yet you can download it now for free from iTunes. The app can help you remove duplicate contacts, merge the same contacts and delete contacts which have no number or no name. The best thing about CleanUp Pro is its ability to create contact backup that you can email to yourself for future use.

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