Paid iOS Apps That Are Available for Free

Happy New Year to everyone and here we are again, with another list of some amazing paid iOS apps that are available for free on iTunes, thanks to the generosity of their developers. However, like always, we have no clue when these offers are going to expire so you need to hurry up if you want to get apps for free. Here is brief introduction of these apps and their amazing features.

File Manager

Although this app has a pretty generic name yet it is one of the most popular file management apps available for iOS devices. The app was selling for $2 the last week and now you can get it for free from iTunes for free. File Manager is compatible with all iOS devices including iPad, iPod and iPhone. The app comes with pretty standard features users could expect in a file manager. Besides that, File Manager comes with remote file transfer feature that allows users to transfer files between iOS devices and Mac.

You need iOS 8 or higher to install this app. The remote transfer feature works via Wi-Fi and there are no limits on the bandwidth so you can send unlimited amount of data to/from your iOS device. Even with so many features, File Manager is easy to setup and use. File Manager comes with built-in media player as well as picture viewer and document viewer.


Sense is a popular iOS app that is a pocket diary as well as a to-do list app. Normally the app sells for $5 that is a fair deal considering its beautiful user interface and the features it comes with and now even better you can get it for free for a limited time. If you need a task organizer, to-do list app or even a diary, Sense is an app for you.

Just Spent

Just Spent is a useful and fun app that is specifically designed and developed for people who want to keep a keen eye on their expenses. Although there are hundreds of other similar apps available on iTunes but Just Spent uses an easy to use interface that makes it easier for people to use the app and add their expenses with a single swipe. This simple bookkeeping app helps people see how much money they spent yesterday, last week, last month or in last 3 months etc. Of course you can add categories and items.

The app allows users to see their expenses category wise as well as item wise so they can see how much money they are spending on a specific category. Just Spent had $2 price tag few days ago and now it is available for free on iTunes.


Clear is a to-do list productivity app that allows users to focus and prioritize tasks by using an initiative interface. The app is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPhone running iOS 8 or higher. It was selling for $1 until last week and now you can get it for free from iTunes. You can create projects, tasks, sub-tasks and even recurring tasks.

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