Paid iOS Apps Available For Free Now

Here we are again, with a new list of some amazing iOS apps that are currently available for free on iTunes. Hurry up and grab these offers as soon as you can. For your convenience, here is brief introduction of these apps and their features.

Dual Browser

Dual Browser is an amazing app that does exactly what its name suggests. It allows users to open two browsers simultaneously and visit two websites or web pages at the same time. It is different than using two tabs as Dual Browser offers a split user interface. As you can anticipate, the app works best on large screen devices like latest models of iPhone and iPad. Interestingly, the app is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7 or above.

Even though Dual Browser allows users to open two browser interfaces at the same time, the app still uses system resources very efficiently and its light weight interface does not reduce the overall performance of the device. On iPad, you can play video on one of the browser. Dual Browser usually sells for $2 and right now you can get it for free on iTunes.


FaceGo is a pretty fun app that allows users to swap their faces with lots of funny images the app provides. Although there are tons of similar apps available on iTunes but FaceGo makes it extremely simple and easy to swap faces. The app was selling for $1 on iTunes last week and now it is free. It comes with built in sharing features so you can share the images on Facebook and other social media right from the app itself.

Timer Camera

Timer Camera is a small, light weight, simple yet highly useful app that was selling for $1 until few days ago and right now you can get it for free on all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod. The app allows users to take photos by setting timer as well as number of images. It takes photos simultaneously and users can take up to 30 pictures at the same time.

The app allows users to set timer to 3 second to 30 seconds and it supports portrait as well as landscape screen orientation. Another great thing about Timer Camera is its social media integration. The app has many sharing features so users can share their favorite images on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks right from the app itself. Timer Camera supports front camera as well as rear camera.

Bokeh Photo Editor

Bokeh Photo Editor is a photo editing app that comes with lots of filters, effects and other photo editing features on iOS devices. One of the best features of Bokeh Photo Editor is its ability to save the edited image in high resolution. The app had $1 price tag last week and now it is available for free on iTunes and it is compatible with all iOS devices. Bokeh Photo Editor comes with built-in camera function so you can use the app to capture photos too. And you can also import existing pictures from the gallery too.

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