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Pandora Free Music and Radio which is officially known as Pandora Internet Radio is a well known music and radio app available for all major mobile platforms including iOS and Android. As the name suggests, Pandora Free Music and Radio is a streaming service that allows users to listen to their favorite songs directly on their mobile devices. We all have a pretty good idea about the music industry and how the consumers’ access to music has been revolutionized in past few years.

According to some industry experts, this is the biggest change since iTunes however there are some differences too. For example, iTunes and its music collection took the world by a storm while music streaming is penetrating the industry at a much slower pace. Before iTunes, there are little or no concept of digital music and Apple made it extremely easy for people to buy their favorite albums and songs.

Similarly, now music streaming is changing the world by giving propel independence so they can access millions of songs without actually buying anything. Pandora Free Music and Radio app is available for free on Google Play Store and iTunes and it is compatible with all devices including phones and tablets. You can create an account directly from the app or from their official website and start listing to your favorite music.

However, Pandora Internet Radio is only available in USA, Australia and New Zealand so you can’t use it in other countries the normal way. You can use VPN to mock your location and use Pandora Free Music and Radio. Also, the account comes with some limitations and restrictions including limited skips, limited music listening time and others. You can get the premium subscription for $5 per month. Although many other music streaming services like Tidal, Spotify and Apple Beats are in the market but it was Pandora Internet Radio which changed the way we listen to music.

Providing access to its huge music library is not the only thing Pandora Free Music and Radio does but it also has state of the art music recommendation system that is smart enough to recommend music a user would like. Whenever you listen to music on Pandora Free Music and Radio, you can either like or dislike it via thumb up and thumb down buttons. Pandora Free Music and Radio calculates more than 400 musical attributes like harmony, lyrics and others to categorize songs.

Based on your previous feedback, it recommends songs. After installing the app from Google Play Store or iTunes, create an account or login using an existing account, and create a station. You can create a station based on your favorite song, artist or even genre. You can create unlimited stations too. The app would play songs similar to the song the station is based on. From there you can provide your feedback so Pandora Free Music and Radio can recommend even better songs.

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