Pandora Internet Radio

The music industry was revolutionized when Apple introduced the concept of digital music and brought it to the mainstream. And then music streaming industry revolutionized it again. The concept and the selling point of digital music were based on the convenience and economical solution to access your favorite music. You don’t have to buy specialized music listening devices, CDs and DVDs which are all expensive when you can listen to music on your phone which already have a primary purpose of communication.

Music streaming industry has boosted this concept as now you don’t have t o buy the music but instead you can rent it. It is just like a library card where you can get unlimited access to unlimited music by getting subscription. Pandora Internet Radio is one of the most popular music streaming app and service that more than 125 million people use. Interestingly, Pandora Internet Radio is only available in USA, Australia and New Zealand. (3)

Although you can access its contents from other parts of the world by using services like VPN, proxies and Smart DNS but that’s an entirely different subject. Pandora Internet Radio is not Pandora Internet Radio in other parts of the world because of copyright laws and the company is struggling to expand its territory. They have more than one million songs in collection; this might see a very large number (and it is) but many other services like Spotify has more than 20 million songs.

However, Pandora Internet Radio has a unique advantage over other services which is hard to beat. They have categorized their song collection based on more than 400 musical attributes and they have done it manually. Yes, that’s right; they listened to more than a million songs and categorized them based on harmony, lyrics and other properties, they have been doing this for last ten years.

Pandora Internet Radio offers two different subscriptions; the free one is totally free and comes with annoying ads and some limitations. For example, if you have free subscription then you can skip a limited number of songs per day. However the good thing is you can listen to unlimited songs and create unlimited stations. (1)

The concept of stations allows users to create stations based on their desired song, artist or even genre. Unlike Spotify and many other music streaming services, Pandora Internet Radio does not play songs you search for but you can create stations and it will play similar songs. On the other hand, premium subscription is available for $5 per month which seems like a fair deal considering premium subscription has no ads and no limitations.

Their mobile apps are available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and others. Now Pandora Internet Radio is also available for gaming consoles and smart TVs from some companies like Samsung and LG. The app is available for free on relevant app stores and you can listen to your favorite songs using their website that is only accessible in supported countries.

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