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Few years ago, iTunes revolutionized the music industry with its digital music store but now things have changes and music streaming has become the standard for getting your hands on latest music. There are many music streaming apps and services available right now and Pandora Internet Radio is one of the most popular ones. The best thing about Pandora Internet Radio is its sleekness and easiness to use where even new users can use the app and service without any external help.


Pandora Internet Radio is in this business for almost a decade and now it is facing competition from companies like Apple and Google. Some of its competitors are Spotify, Google Music and Beats. However, Pandora Internet Radio is fundamentally different than these services because of one reason; it has human touch. Hundreds of experts have spent time on categorizing songs and all songs in Pandora Internet Radio catalogue are manually categorized.

Yes, that’s right; Pandora Internet Radio has more than a million songs in its library and experts have listened to those songs and characterized those songs based on 400 different musical attributes like harmony, lyrics and others. All of the music streaming services offer music discovery feature in one way or another yet because of the manually categorized collection, Pandora Internet Radio does is better than any other service.

Unfortunately, Pandora Internet Radio is only available in three countries right now; USA, Australia and New Zealand. The company is working on resolving copyright issues in other countries especially in Europe. Even though it has a much smaller market to grow, Pandora Internet Radio still have more than 100 million users. Interestingly, you need to be in one of these three countries to get your hands on the premium subscriptions however you can use the free version via proxies or VPNs.

The free version comes with some limitations and restrictions as well as ads while the premium version is ad-free and does not have limitations. You can get the premium subscription for $5 per month that is more than a fair deal considering what Pandora Internet Radio offers and more importantly considering the price of other streaming services like Spotify.


In order to start using Pandora Internet Radio on your mobile device or computer, you need Pandora Internet Radio account. The sign up process takes less than a minute and you can create it via their official website or mobile app Pandora Internet Radio mobile app is available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can download the apps from relevant apps stores for free.

After downloading and installing the app, you need to create stations. You can create them based on artists, songs or even genre. You can create unlimited stations but the number of ‘skips’ are limited. That means you can skip a finite number of songs while listening to a station. When you like a song, tap on “thumb up” button and if you don’t like it, tap on “thumb down”. The more feedback you would provide, the more Pandora Internet Radio would know what kind of songs you like.

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