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Parking Mania is an amazingly beautiful game which is available for all major mobile operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. As the name suggests, Parking Mania is all about parking cars and other vehicles on the right spot. There are tons of games with similar gameplay available for iOS and Android devices but Parking Mania is different and better than its competitors because of its graphics, sound effects, regular updates and overall gameplay.

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You can download Parking Mania for free from Google Play Store and iTunes. It supports a wide range of Android devices including phones and tablets. Parking Mania is compatible with all iOS devices too that includes iPhone, iPad and iPod. Like other games, Parking Mania starts with simpler and easier level where players have to park a single car at an easy spot. Gradually things get more and more difficult as the game proceed.

Every level gives five collision chances; the earlier version of Parking Mania allows five collision chances with static objects and no chance with moving vehicles. That was quite annoying and even frustrating for players. Now the latest version of Parking Mania comes with total five collision chances for moving and static objects. Besides that, the latest version also comes with performance improvements and new features.

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If you crash your car with other vehicles or objects for five times, the level restarts from the beginning. However, you can buy additional lives by trading money you get after each level completion. You get virtual money based on how many lives you’ve preserves after the completion. Additionally, you can also find money in hidden places while playing the game.

From the settings menu you can see your statistics; this section shows your progress in a detailed manner. For example it shows your overall progress (mine is at 11% at this moment), it shows how many achievements you have unlocked (I have unlocked 14 out of 32), how much virtual money you have earned (I have earned 107,845), how much bonus money you have collected, how much money you have spent, how many objectives you have completed, how many level you have played (Parking Mania has hundreds of different levels with more than 50 different vehicles including cars and bigger vehicles).

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One of the best things the developing team has introduced in the latest version of Parking Mania is red lights. In the earlier version, players were able to run a red light without any consequences but in the latest version running a red light loses a life. From the same settings menu, you can change the game controls. There are mainly three different ways to play this game.

You can use the accelerometer and set the desired sensitivity for it, you can use a dragging wheel which is my personal favorite or you can use a steering wheel which is quite difficult to play with but gives a real experience and sensation. Other than that, you can also set the transmission on manual or automatic from the control menu according to your preferences.

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