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Parking Mania is a well known game that is available for iOS and Android devices for last couple of years. The developing team behind this amazing game has modified graphics, sound effects and many other things of the game over the years but basic gameplay remains the same. As the name suggest, Parking Mania is all about different cars that you need to park at pre defined spots to earn points. You cannot move to the next level without clearing the previous one. At each level player gets 5 lives that means the player can make a collision for five times maximum.

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Interestingly, Parking Mania does not have 3D graphics but it has 2D flat surface with a bird’s eye camera angle. That means you are not sitting inside the car but you are seeing them from above like a bird. The control mechanism in Parking Mania is the best part. There are three different ways to drive and control a car. You can either use the accelerometer of you device to control the steering, you can use a streaming wheel that you can rotate or you can use drag controls so you can drag the lever right or left to steer the car.

All of these steering controls are available with two different variants; manual transmissions and automatic transmission. The manual transmission is exactly like you find one in your car, there is a single button for throttle. If you want to go forward then put the gear in forward position and press the throttle button. If you want to go in reverse then put the gear in reverse position and press the throttle button. Manual transmission is more fun because is more difficult than the automatic transmission and it is designed for more experience players.

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The automatic transmission comes with a single drag lever that you can either move forward or backward. Using automatic transmission allows you to clear a particular level in much lesser time because of the easy controls. The accelerometer steering control works find on almost all device but if advanced devices like iPhone 5 or later and Galaxy Note 4 can use it more effectively and provide even better gaming experience. The game starts with easy levels that you can clear smoothly. Additionally, most of the levels in start come with a single task that means you have to park a single car in order to complete a level.

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Later, levels come with multiple tasks that make it harder for players to clear a level because the number of allowed collisions remains the same. For example, you get total of 5 allowed collisions on each level. If you need to park 3 different cars to clear a level then it means you still have 5 allowed collisions. The company releases new levels and cars with each update and updates come regularly. There are hundreds of different levels and cars in Parking Mania and each of those levels comes with new challenges and cars come with different speeds to make things even more interesting.

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