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Perfect 365 is popular software developed by ArcSoft and now the company has released the mobile version of this amazing software. You can get Perfect 365 on your Android and iOS devices from the relevant app stores. Perfect 365 is a photo editing app that is specialized in portrait editing. Perfect 365 is available for free for all supported desktop and mobile operating systems and the free version does all the magic but if you need additional features and effects, those are available via IAPs.

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There are many other photo editing apps and software available which is specialized in portrait editing but Perfect 365 has taken it to a whole new level. When you import picture to the app for editing, it automatically scans facial attributes and pinpoint nose, lips, eyes and everything, you can do that manually too. Perfect 365 is a professional grade editing app that has many pre-set templates of different kind of makeup that you can apply instantly, it also shows before and after effects of the makeup side by side so you can see the difference.

As mentioned above, Perfect 365 has the free version that allows users to perform most of the tasks yet for the full experience you have to buy the premium version. For example, the free version saves the output in a limited resolution while the premium version does not have such limitations or restrictions. The app supports more than 20MP of photos and depending on your device’s hardware specification, it is very responsive too. You can make real time changes without any issue. In order to get started with a portrait, open and then select your desired image.

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Most of the time the app accurately pinpoints different parts of face for editing but if the image is taken in low light conditions then you might need to do that manually for few points. Even if you do that manually, the whole process takes few seconds. Now that you have selected the facial points, you can apply different pre-set makeup settings to see the effects instantly. Although there are some templates that work perfectly but manual makeup is more fun because you can do anything you want.

There are many retouching tools and effects available in the app. For example skin tools, mouth, face and eyes tools that you can use to make your facial attributes even more beautiful. From the bottom left button you can open the sidebar that is the main menu too. From key points you can change the facial points if they are not on the right spot. The app shows sample pictures to get the idea of right spot for each facial point.

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From hot styles you can see the pre-set templates; amazingly you can apply a template and then edit it according to your preferences without doing makeup from scratch. Some of the pre-set templates are already available in the app, some of them you can download for free within the app itself while some are available via IAPs.

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