Pinterest is a well known website and service that allows users to create their own virtual pinboards and millions of people use it for personal and even commercial purposes. The website lets users collect images from anywhere in the web and add those images to their boards. The website is based on a unique idea of sharing information in managed and categorized form. The company released its mobile app for all major mobile platforms a while ago.

You can download Pinterest mobile app for Android or iOS devices from Google Play Store or iTunes. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can create one either from their official website or even by using the mobile app directly. There are many ways to sign up for a Pinterest account; you can either use your Facebook or Twitter account for that, and you can also use your email ID to create Pinterest account. By joining via Facebook or Twitter, the app would fetch the required information from there automatically.


However, joining with Facebook would mean you are permitting the app to post on Facebook on your behalf; you can control the access given to Pinterest yet some people don’t like this idea at all. In case you choose Facebook for signing up for Pinterest, you would be given the option to follow friends and publish activities on Facebook. The case is quite similar with Twitter too so joining Pinterest network with email address seems like a suitable option. The sign up process takes few seconds and after creating the account, Pinterest would ask you to choose your favorite boards/categories.

These boards would be used for the feed and Pinterest even suggests some categories on its own. There are tons of boards categorized into many sections; some popular ones are history, science, design, technology and travel. You need to select at least 5 categories to continue, and you can choose as many as you like. Later you can add/remove categories from the settings menu so that’s perfectly fine if you want to try some new things.

One of the best things about Pinterest mobile apps is their resemblance with the official app. That makes it easier for users to switch between Pinterest apps on different devices and even use the website on desktop computer or laptop. You can follow boards as well as people considering the Pinterest has millions of users from all over the globe you would find popular people from your selected categories. Here comes the best part; you can create your own boards and people would follow you.


You can create new boards and make them public so anyone can search and join them. However, you can create private boards that would be visible to only you and the people you invite to that board. As mentioned above, people user Pinterest for personal and commercial purposes. For example, you can share ideas with your friends or you can share your products and services. Pinterest allows users to share boards on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter too.

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