If you want to combine the features of a scrapbook and social network then Pinterest is the website, app and tool you are looking for. Pinterest has millions of users all over the globe who love the platform because of its amazing features. This website is also among the top 5 most used social media networks.

Of course you can download and install Pinterest app on your mobile device. It supports all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The best thing about Pinterest app on Android and iOS apps is it runs smoothly like the website even on low performance devices.

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How to create an account on Pinterest?

In order to start using Pinterest app on your mobile device, you need an account. You can either create an account from their official website or you can create one right from the app itself. After the account creation you need to set up your profile and interests so Pinterest can show you relevant contents. Based on the information you provide to the app about yourself, Pinterest suggests different users with similar interesting that you can follow.

Once everything is successfully set up, you can start browsing contents on Pinterest app and even re-pin other people’s posts. Pinterest app supports a wide range of devices including phones and tablets. Amazingly now Pinterest app comes as a native app on many devices from manufacturers like Samsung and LG.

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Pinterest on small screen devices

As Pinterest is an image based social network, it is quite obvious a bigger screen works better with this app. However the developing team behind Pinterest has done their best to makes things simple and straightforward. That means you can even run Pinterest smoothly on small screen devices.

From the main menu you can access the main features of the app as the app itself is based on the layout of the website. The similar layouts help users understand both platform better and even a new user can start using the mobile app in few minutes.

Pinterest iOS app

Although the sizes of iOS devices like iPhone and iPad are diverse and latest models have much bigger screens than their previous versions but the Pinterest app has the exact same interface on all of the different models and iOS devices. Pinterest iOS app comes with five main tabs on the bottom side of the screen.

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These tabs are Home, Activity, Profile, Add a Pin and Search; the Home tab brings you to the main screen of the app where you can see all the boards. The Search tab allows users to search for their favorite contents and even users. Add a Pin is a self explanatory button.

Profile tab allows users to change the settings and information of their account. The Activity tab shows all the activities and notifications so you can see what’s happening around you. Users can create new boards from Pinterest website, Pinterest Android app and even from the Pinterest iOS app. Pinterest is available for free on Google Play Store and iTunes.

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