Plex is well known media center software available for desktop computers and laptops running Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Plex for Android is as the name suggests companion app for Plex media center so you can control it using your Android device. The same app is available for iOS devices too and supports all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad. Plex is a streaming app, software and service that allow users to watch their favorite videos and listen to their favorite songs.

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You can connect Plex with other services like iTunes, BBC and YouTube on a desktop computer with Plex software on it. Some smart TVs are also support Plex but there is still lot of ground to cover in this area. Plex for Android app allows users to use their Android devices over the Wi-Fi as a remote to control Plex on desktop and other devices. With the help of this app, you can stream contents from other devices to your Android devices like phones and tablets.

In order to stream contents on your mobile devices, install Plex on the desktop computer and connect that computer to your home network. Install Plex for Android on Android devices and connect it with the same network. The mobile device will automatically detect and connect with the media server. The best thing about Plex for Android is it’s easy to use interface and straightforward design which allow users to use this app seamlessly. It shows contents with beautifully designed thumbnails in a sleek interface.

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The developing team has done its best to keep thing smooth and interesting on all kind of devices; Plex runs great on smart phones with smaller screens and tablets with more than 7 inch screen. Although it is designed for both but it runs great on tablets by taking advantage of their bigger screens. The app has three main sections which are My Library, Channels and Recent. My Library allows users to browse through the collection of movies, TV series, photos, music and other folders that you have created on the Plex server on the desktop computer.

The second section allows users to access streaming services like BBC, Netflix, Hulu and other services so you can watch them on Plex. Of course you need to setup and configure those services first on your desktop computer so you can access them on mobile devices. The third section is pretty simple; it shows all the recent media files you have played on your device so you can access them again. The desktop version of Plex allows users to stream media files to the Android or other compatible devices.

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When you start streaming contents, it asks whether you want to stream it on the desktop computer or want to watch that movie on the connect phone or tablet. Mobile devices also come with remote control feature that you can use on the desktop computer or laptop. This is a pretty useful feature that comes in handy if your computer or laptop is sitting few feet away.

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