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Pokémon Go has got global popularity and millions of users play this game every day. According to some industry experts, the game should be included in Health and Fitness category too on iTunes and Google Play Store. The game use augmented reality where players play the game in the real world and be a part of the virtual world inside the game. Pokémon Go effectively combines the real and virtual worlds while the outcome is a beautiful designed addictive interface.

The game uses device’s camera and GPS to make the virtual world like real. It is developed by Niantic and many other names including The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. Currently the partners are working on Pokémon Go Plus which is the next version of the game. Right now Pokémon Go is available for Android and iOS devices while there is no news about the release of this game for Windows Phone devices. Let’s see how you can start playing the game on your mobile or tablet.

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Pokémon Go is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 8 or later and Android devices running Android 4.4 or later. You can check the compatibility from relevant download page on the app store. After installing and running the game for the first time, you would be asked to choose an avatar of your choice. In earlier version of the game, players were only able to choose the avatar but in the latest version they can customize the look of their favorite avatar too. Once the game starts, you need to discover Pokémon in real world by physically go to different places.

The developing team behind this amazing app has done its best to keep thing interesting by hiding Pokémon in places like parks, shopping malls and even country side. When you find a Pokémon, you can flick the ball at him and capture him. Additionally, different Pokémon come with different level of difficulty to catch. For example, Pokémon with green circle means it is easy to catch while red circle means it is relatively harder to capture.

The ball players use to capture wild Pokémon is called Pokéball. You can get extra Pokéball from the shop by spending real money or you can get them as a reward when you level up. The more Pokéball you have, the more tries you can make to capture wild Pokémon. There are three types of currencies used in the game; stardust, candy and coins. These virtual currencies could be used for different purposes.

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Whenever you catch a Pokémon, you get 100 stardust; another smarter way to get your hands on stardust is by leaving your Pokémon in a friendly gym for a whole day. In that case you would get 500 stardust. Candy is also earned by catching Pokémon but the number varies and depends on the type of Pokémon you catch. Some Pokémon are more worthy than others. Coins are collected by leaving your Pokémon in a friendly gym for a day. You can also buy coins by spending real money via IAPs.

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