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You probably have seen Pokémon in the news in last couple of days as Nintendo has finally changed its course and entered the mobile gaming market with its ridiculously popular Pokémon Go. This title is not new to people; Pokémon was a popular game few years ago where players travelled in a fictional world to explore and collect things. However, this is not 1990s anymore and Pokémon Go comes with some mind blowing technologies.

Unlike its predecessor, Pokémon Go is powered by augmented reality, GPS and amazing graphics. Currently Pokémon Go is available on iPhone and Android devices in limited countries but the company would release it worldwide soon. Interestingly, because of overnight popularity, Pokémon Go servers in USA and Australia experienced issues because of traffic overload. The gameplay of Pokémon Go is basically the same as the older version; you need to catch characters.

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However, Pokémon Go allows users to perform all activities in the real world via augmented reality. Instead of using keys and pads, you have to walk physically to make progress in the game. The developing team behind Pokémon Go has done amazing work making things simple and understandable. In order to play the game for the first time, you need to sign up. You can use Google account for that of you can create a new account for Pokémon Go Club.

After signing up and login, you need to create and customize your avatar and all of this data would be stored on Pokémon Go servers. You can create your avatar; select your gender, hair color, shirt, pants, eye colors and many other features as you please. After that, you would enter Pokémon Go map that is basically the Google Maps with some amazing animations and changes.

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You will see real roads, grass and even buildings via augmented reality and your Pokémon would copy your moves. For example, if you walk forward, the Pokémon will also walk in the forward direction. The main dashboard of the app has some information and buttons.

The player icon on the bottom left of the screen allows users to see the detailed information about their avatar and players can also see their achievements in the game. The backpack icon shows all the items you have collected while playing the game. Pokémon icon shows all of the Pokémon you have and the nearby icon shows another player nearby.

Pokémon come in many different sizes and shapes; there are hundreds of different Pokémon you can catch and some of the popular ones are Fairy, Electric, Grass, Ghost, Rock, Poison and Ground. These Pokémon belong to different geographical locations and some of them are quite hard to find. In order to find other Pokémon to capture, you need to walk around physically.

Because walking around on the road and in busy areas while watching your phone’s screen may raise safety issues, you can put the phone in pocket and walk around. When another Pokémon would come near, you would get notification in term of sound or vibration.

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