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We all love listening to our favorite songs on mobile devices like phones and tablets but Android’s own music player only have basic features and functions. That’s where 3rd party music players come in handy. PowerAmp Music Player is one of the most popular and widely used music player apps available for Android devices. The developing team behind this app has done its job perfectly and everything about this music player is amazing.

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The interface is feature rich that can be customized according to individual’s preferences. You can change music settings like equalizer according to your taste in music. PowerAmp Music Player is one of the very few music player apps with 10-band equalizer that takes your music experience to a whole new level. Because of its advanced features and no ads policy, PowerAmp Music Player is a paid app on Google Play Store.

Although there is a free version too but that offers premium features only for few days as trial period. The paid version that is fully unlocked and does not have restrictions is available for $1 and it does support a wide range of Android devices. Interestingly, PowerAmp Music Player works great on phones as well as on tablets. One of the best things about PowerAmp Music Player is its ability to handle all kind of music files.

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You can run every music file format on PowerAmp Music Player and the app does handle high bit rate smoothly. Many other 3rd party music players and even native music player on Android devices sometime crash because of high bit rate that makes it impossible for music lovers to enjoy their favorite songs with highest possible quality. PowerAmp Music Player supports lyrics too that means you can read lyrics of songs while listening in real time.

Unfortunately PowerAmp Music Player does not support podcasts and perhaps the developing team might add this feature too in the next version as many people have demanded this function. By default, PowerAmp Music Player has dark interface with darker texture; it automatically adopts colors of individual cover letters to make the user interface more interesting and beautiful. This is a pretty cool feature that does not have anything to do with functionality but it surely does attract users.

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Unlike many other apps, PowerAmp Music Player does not have a free version with limited features but instead you can download the trial version for free that runs for 15 days with no restriction or limitation. After the trial period, you can buy the paid version that lifts the time limitation so you can enjoy the app and music.

As already mentioned, PowerAmp Music Player has a 10-band equalizer that is specifically designed for people who love using different settings at the same time. You can configure PowerAmp Music Player to change equalizer on speaker and on headphones. Not only output but you can also change this configuration for different songs to make your music listening experience even better. Of course PowerAmp Music Player automatically scans your device for all music files and you can import specific folders manually too.

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