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There are literally hundreds of music players available for Android devices on Google Play Store and Poweramp Music Player is one of them. It is among top music players and there are many things that make it special and help it stand out in the crowd. First of all, Poweramp Music Player is highly customizable and you can adjust settings according to your preferences. It does have the best equalizer as a built-in feature; in case you are wondering it is a 10-band equalizer that does the job amazingly.

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Although we don’t expect the less but Poweramp Music Player does play music seamlessly without any issue. Many other music players experience issues while playing music files with high bit rate. Of course the design is important too and the developing team has done its best to make things elegant and beautiful so users can find it interesting while listening to their favorite music. The latest version of Poweramp Music Player supports almost all audio file formats and it also supports lyrics. The only bad thing Poweramp Music Player has is lack of support for podcasts.

The native music player on Android has all the basic features you want to see in a music app but it lacks some cool advanced features that Poweramp Music Player can provide. The user interface of Poweramp Music Player is pretty impressive with dark texture and everything is easily readable because of perfect contrast. The best thing about user interface of Poweramp Music Player is its adoption of cover letter. During the song playing, the interface automatically adopts cover letter colors and texture to make the design even cooler.

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Even if you have a large screen phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can still access the buttons with one hand as they are placed at the perfect positions. The music library shows list of all the songs and albums as well as their cover letters, if some of them are missing the cover letter then the app automatically downloads them. As mentioned above, Poweramp Music Player supports all audio file formats including widely used mp3 and lesser known MP4, FLAC, WAV, M4A etc.

The built in equalizer of Poweramp Music Player is impressive as it has 10 bands and users can save different settings for different songs, albums and even for the sound output like headphone and speakers. It means you can set a setting for song and use different settings for another song at the same time without doing that manually. Poweramp Music Player has only one version but that is on trial basis.

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In order to unlock the Poweramp Music Player after trial period, users can buy the full version that simply unlocks the original app. Of course the trial version is available for free for 15 days and the full version is available for $1. The trial version have all the features rather than limited one so you can enjoy the app and listening to your music without any limitation or restriction.

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