Poweramp is a well known music player available for Android devices and even though the first version has been around us for years, it is still among top 5 music players on Android devices. Poweramp is mainly popular because of its great built quality, user interface and most importantly its features. It has so many built-in features that no other music player has; some of those features are equalizer, support for a wide range of audio file formats and ability to work fine on low end devices too.

You can also download themes for Poweramp and do lots of customization to change the user interface according to your needs. These themes are available on Google Play Store as 3rd party apps and this makes it much easier to check reviews before downloading a particular theme. The latest version of Poweramp comes with lock screen controls too where you can change the lock screen on your Android device.

Of course Poweramp has lots of features and customization options but still it is very easy to use. You can easily access different sections of app like settings, equalizer, albums and playlists with easy navigations. Interestingly, it was the equalizer that helped Poweramp get overnight popularity all over the globe and now the equalizer is even better than before. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t even use equalizer while listening to their favorite music. Now, the newer Samsung and LG devices come with built-in equalizer.

A good equalizer can make music listening experience very different. You can either use presets like rock, pop etc. or you can tweak it yourself by changing volume, tone and other properties. As you can imagine, these settings behave differently with different songs and even with different file formats but the important thing is the availability of these options. In my experience, equalizer and sound options work best with FLAC file format.

The pre configured theme on Poweramp is good too yet you can change the theme from settings >> look and feel. There are some built-in themes yet you can download themes from 3rd party developers. Other than being the best music player on Google Play Store, Poweramp can do some tricks too. You can use it as a sleep timer while listening to your favorite song. This way, you don’t have to worry about the song being played over and over again. All you have to do is set the time (in minutes) and the playlist would stop after that.

When Poweramp launched in 2010, there were very few music players available for Android devices. However, now app stores have thousands of music players and holding its top position in these tough circumstances is a good job on its own. Of course the newer versions of Poweramp come with more features based on users’ demand.

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