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You probably have seen many photo editing apps on your iOS or Android device yet Prisma is one of the best and most unique mobile apps in this category. This app allows users to apply their favorite filters and effects on pictures and transform them into art pieces. One of the best things about Prisma app is it’s easy to user and sleek user interface that everyone can use.

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Unlike most of the other photo editing and filtering apps, Prisma does not work on the user side but it sends the picture to the server where the effects are mathematically applied. It is also the first app to use AI for photo editing. Interestingly, the app got overnight popularity all over the globe when it launched and its servers crashed. Things are better now and users can use Prisma app on their mobile devices smoothly.

Unfortunately, the app only supports square photos and that could be a turn off for some people as most of the phone cameras do not capture square photos by default. That means if your photo has 16 by 9 aspect ratio you need to crop it in a square shape and sacrifice some of the visual elements there; Prisma app is available for iOS and Android devices and you can download it for free from the relevant app store.

Both Android and iOS apps are quite identical except one thing; the iOS version has 34 effects while the Android version has only 29. Usually the app takes few seconds to apply a filter and this depends on your internet speed as well as the server capacity and load at that moment. So if the app is taking more than five seconds, hold on and wait for the results. After downloading the app from the relevant app store, you can start using it immediately as you don’t need an account or even a tutorial for that.

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The app comes with a built-in camera feature from where you can use the front or rear camera to capture photo on the spot. Of course the built-in camera only takes square photos and if you want to import pictures from the device, you need to crop them too. After selecting the desired photo, you can select the effect and apply it. Unfortunately the app does not have preview feature that means you need to apply the effect to see it. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but the app takes around 10 seconds to apply an effect.

After applying the desired effect, you can share those pictures with your friends using the sharing features. On iOS devices you can share the photos on Facebook, Twitter, via email and other social networks. On Android devices you get the sharing feature for all the relevant apps you have installed on the device. By default the app adds its logo at the bottom of each picture but you can remove that logo if you want from the settings. Rumors are the developing team is working on the video version of Prisma.

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