Prisma is a well known app that was released few weeks ago and it got millions of users all over the globe. Initially the app was released for iOS devices and now it is available for Android devices too. The app adds filters to the photos and that’s the simplest way to describe what it does. However, unlike other similar apps and services, Prisma uses AI to transform real images into art work.

The main difference between Prisma and other apps is their working; other image filtering tools like Instagram apply effects on the actual image but Prisma breaks down the image into layers and then those contents are joined again to form the image. Unfortunately, the company behind Prisma has kept the actual algorithm of the app a secret. Like other photo editing apps, users can either use the built-in camera to capture a fresh picture or they can use an existing picture.

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After importing the image into the app or capturing it using the camera, users can crop it and then choose one of the 33 filters offered by Prisma. Moscow based company behind Prisma app has promised to launch more filters in near future. After selecting the desired effect, you can select the desired intensity of that effect. The app comes with built in sharing features you can instantly share your artwork on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The app is available for free on Google Play Store and iTunes. It is compatible with all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod running iOS 8 or higher, as well as with Android devices running Android 4.0 or later. There are many things you should know about Prisma app. For example, unlike many other photo effect apps, Prisma does not do its magic one the mobile device but it sends the picture to the server where effects are applied.

Because of the insane popularity of this app (it became the most downloaded app in 10 countries within 10 days of its launch) servers handling the load sometimes fail. However, the company has doubled its capacity and the connectivity error rate is impressively low. The company has promised to work on video and VR versions of Prisma app. One video was uploaded on the official page of the company where Prisma effects were applied.

It is safe to assume that the video version would hit the market in near future. One of the best things about Prisma is its thumbnail where the app shows the visual effects of a particular effect. This way user can see and understand an effect without even applying it to their image.

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There is another small detail that few people know of; all of the effects that show people in it are good for portraits and faces while other effects where landscapes are used are good for landscapes, sky, waves and other similar things. Unfortunately, the built in camera comes with only the basic features. So, if you want to capture a picture with HDR enabled, use device camera and then import the picture into Prisma.

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