Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking Your iOS Device

If you own an iOS device like iPhone, iPod or an iPad you probably know what jailbreaking is; it is the process of lifting and bypassing limitations applied by the iOS firmware and take full control of the system files. Of course there are tons of benefits of having administrative access to your device but there are some disadvantages too. Let’s talk about some pros and cons of jailbreaking your iOS device.

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  • The biggest advantage of jailbreaking your iOS device is getting your hands on thousands of more iOS apps which are not available for non-jailbroken iOS devices. These apps are not approved by iOS platform and that’s why not available on iTunes.
  • Jailbroken iOS devices are highly customizable; you can install different themes to change the entire look of your phone. You can use custom ringtones and you can even design icons and dock. The unofficial app store named Cydia which is only accessible via jailbroken devices has thousands of visual tweaks to help you make your device unique and beautiful.

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  • There are some apps available in Cydia that allow users to play games from other consoles on their iOS devices. Although this is not the biggest advantage for majority of the people but gamers who love playing all kind of games can benefit from this feature.
  • Jailbroken devices tend to be faster than non-jailbroken iOS devices because of thousands of performance tweaks available on Cydia. You can compromise the animations and visual effects of your device to make it faster than the original.
  • Jailbroken devices offer free tethering this is quite an attractive feature for people who love using their 3G data plan on other phone or laptop without paying carriers for this feature.


  • The biggest disadvantage of jailbreaking your iOS device is the process of jailbreaking itself. Of course there are tons of tutorials available that are tailored for different devices, models and iOS versions but even a single mistake can ‘brick’ your device. That means the device would be totally useless.
  • Jailbreaking your iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod void its warranty. That means if your jailbroken iOS device gets an issue like hardware problem, it won’t be covered by the warranty and we all know repairing a phone could be expensive.

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  • As mentioned above, jailbreaking your iOS devices means you are altering internal system files and you are also giving permission to other apps. It means a malicious app can steal your personal data; additionally, Cydia and other unofficial sources do not have proper check and balance system for scanning malicious apps that means the chances of getting a spyware on your device are pretty high.
  • Jailbroken iOS devices tend to be unstable because of the obvious reason. Apple tests its iOS platform for many months before releasing it for general public. However there is no such thorough testing system in modified iOS versions that means your device would crash a lot.

Bottom Line

Jailbreaking has many advantages as well as disadvantages. It means you need to weigh both sides before deciding anything. Interestingly, the process of jailbreaking is reversible and you can always go back.

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