downloadThere are millions of apps available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store aka iTunes; though this huge number of apps and games allows users to enjoy whatever they want but unfortunately it also disallows some great apps to come in the spotlight. Quora is one of the most underrated apps and service available today; it started as a website and finally the company decided to expand their service by launching mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Let’s talk about this awesome app and its features.

What is Quora exactly?

Quora is quite similar to Yahoo Answers but with a different ideology and some dissimilar features; it is a question / answer website that allows anyone to ask any question and allows anyone to answer any question. Anyone can join Quora for free by creating an account via Facebook credential or email address. Quora has a voting system that allows other users to vote up or vote down an answer. This system allows better answers to rank up in the list and this is the most amazing feature of this service and app.

How to use Quora?

After creating Quora account, login and you’ll see the main screen that will show “feed” later (after choosing the preferences). Now search for any topic like food, android or books and follow that topic to get the feed about them. Quora allows users to select as many topic they want, make sure you select the popular topics only. You can check the popularity of a particular topic by the number of people who like it. Obviously you’ll see more questions about that topic if it has more likes.

Quora allows anyone to share their knowledge with rest of the world and you’ll be amazed to know how much people love sharing information and knowledge and how much people appreciate others for sharing their. Even if you don’t want to share anything with others, you can simply read other people’s answers to get knowledge about a particular topic. On the other hand, Quora allows users to answer a particular question without revealing their identity; this is a great feature that anyone can use to share anything without being exposed.

User Interface

Quora website and Quora mobile apps share the identical user interface that makes it easier for users to user this service on multiple devices with the same account. The app is divided in some solid sections; live feed, new questions, notifications etc.


Unfortunately Quora is not the best app performance wise because of the lag and slow page loading speed that is probably the ultimate result of millions of news users and older algorithms. Obviously you don’t have to worry about that because the company frequently launches new features and fixes.


Quora is available for several different mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. You can also use the mobile version of their website.


You can use Quora via their official website for free or you can download and install their mobile app for free from the relevant app store.

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