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Creating an effective resume or cover letter often isn’t as easy as it should be. This is unfortunate given it’s the exact thing that ensures whether a prospective employer wants to find out more or not. While RadResume might lack some of the creative spark that’s required in some cases, it’s a great and quick solution for those who want to seek out a new job.

RadResume works through a process of templates. There’s the easiest option of importing information from LinkedIn, but it’s also possible to add things separately. Well laid out, everything makes quite a lot of sense. Hitting Personal Info allows one to add their contact details, including website and Twitter URLs, while more substantial sections are also available.


Separate sections are available for work experience, education, and training, as well as objectives and a summary of what one is looking for in their job. The cover letter side of things is similarly conveniently laid out. Admittedly, in terms of text boxes, RadResume isn’t overly appealing to look at, looking quite basic albeit focusing on the relevant boxes required of a resume. However, the results formed are much more impressive.

Once one has completed all relevant sections and chosen a color and template, it’s easy to share the resume elsewhere. Users can opt to email their resume and cover letter directly to a prospective employer, with such things sent as a PDF, or they can choose to send it directly to their Dropbox account or print it out from within RadResume. It’s conveniently done and the results are quite well done.

While RadResume isn’t a bespoke solution, the resulting resumes are attractive enough to stand out as well as highlight relevant information. The free app includes just the one template but more can be purchased for between $0.99 and $2.99.

For the control freak, nothing will quite beat creating one’s own CV or resume from scratch, but as a surprisingly quick yet effective solution, RadResume is great for setting the foundations. The fact it costs nothing, at first, is a particular delight for those seeking new work.


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