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Google Play Store has tons of photo editing apps and many of them offers amazing features. Although the basics remain the same but some apps are considered better than others because of their performance, user interface and editing features. S Photo Editor is a photo editing app that stands out from the crowd. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has 4.2 rating from 196,000 users all over the globe. Having this high rating from this many users is pretty impressive.

S Photo Editor is compatible with all Android devices including phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 and later. You can download it for free from Google Play Store and the free version comes with all the basic features you can expect from a photo editing app, while some advanced features are available via IAPs. Let’s talk about some of the most amazing features of S Photo Editor.

The photo editing comes with “insert” feature where users can add elements like emojis and shapes on their images. Users can also draw doodles on those images and add there are lots of other things as well. The latest version of S Photo Editor comes with Dynamic Photo that allows users to move their images. This feature is quite similar to Live Photo feature in latest iOS devices like iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.

The Picture in Picture feature which is also known as PIP, allows users to add an effect where the secondary picture is shown inside the primary picture. The mirror effect is kind of self explanatory and almost every other photo editing app has this feature. The mirror effect simple adds a mirror like photo either horizontally or vertically. You can use this effect to create symmetrical photos.

The app is packed with lots of themes and you can change the theme based on your personal preference. Users can add funny stickers like animal face, tongue, ears and other things to make their photos funny. Of course S Photo Editor has tons of features but the majority of users like a particular feature which has nothing to do with photo editing – private gallery. As the name suggests, private gallery allows users to keep their private photos safe behind a password protected vault.

Private gallery can save videos as well as pictures. The beauty cam feature allows users to take beautiful selfies using the front camera. The functionality behind this beauty cam feature is pretty simple; it automatically increases the blur effect and makes the face smoother that ultimately beautify the portrait. Although beauty cam feature is excellent for portraits, but you can’t effectively use it for landscape as the resulted images would be blurry.

Among other things, S Photo Editor has more than 150 photo effects that you can apply on your images. These effects range from black and white, sharpen, blur and many others that are not even available in other photo editing apps.

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