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Focusing on helping you find images by location, Scope is quite a neat social networking tool for the photography fan. With relatively little setup required, you’ll soon be able to browse places around the world to see what people are taking snaps of.

Laid out in a fairly clear fashion, you can dive straight into what’s currently trending. Subjects are divided up by locations such as specific cities as well as major landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or Great Wall of China. Predictably, not all shots are going to be of stunning places. You’ve got to account for photos of friends gathered around a particular location, but that adds to the sense that you’re getting a snapshot of the area in the past day or so.

If you find someone you particularly find interesting, you can follow them so that their photos end up in your own personal feed as and when new images are added. That’s also how Scope automatically adds its own account to your following list, enabling you to receive tips and tricks on how to use the app well.


If you want to look up a specific location you can do that too, from a separate area. I found it pretty cool for looking up my favorite cities and seeing what’s going on. Bear in mind, since it’s a new app you might find a few gaps as people are unfamiliar with the service.

Adding your own photos is easy enough, with a selection of simple filters also possible to add to your images. You can opt to have a series of public or private folders, meaning you don’t have to worry about accidentally sharing anything to the public domain. You can easily switch images between the two as well, proving to be quite convenient when you only want something available for a short period of time.

With any new photography based social networking app, there’s always the question of how it’s going to beat the existing competition. Fortunately for Scope its focus on locations makes it pretty easy to navigate, which boosts its chances of widespread recognition. It’s pleasant to look around and makes seeking out new attractive shots from around the world quite appealing.


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