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Transferring files on mobile devices via Bluetooth was probably cool a decade ago but it is not an option anymore because of numerous reasons. First of all, Bluetooth transferring is extremely slow and you cannot possibly wait for ages to transfer a single song from one device to another. Secondly, you cannot transfer big files; any file with more than 10 MB size is simple impossible to send via Bluetooth.

On the other hand, some mobile platforms like iOS do not allow users to send or receive files on other platforms. For example you cannot send a file from iOS device to Android device via Bluetooth. That’s where Share It comes in handy; this small size app and service is specifically designed and developed for users who love sharing files like audio files, video files, documents and other files between multiple devices with different platforms.

Share It is available on all major mobile and desktop platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac OS. Interestingly more than 400 million users all over the globe use Share It to transfer files on mobile devices. The best thing about Share It is its speed and performance; this app can transfer files among devices with up to 200 times faster than a normal Bluetooth transfer.

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You can share all kind of files and there is no restriction or limitations. You don’t have to use data cables to achieve that high transfer speed and surely it does not use internet connection that means you can share files whenever you want and wherever you want. Share It not only shares files among devices with same platform but you can share files among all supported devices. That means you can send a file from iOS device to a Windows based PC and similarly you can send a file from Mac based computer to an Android device.

Although Share It provides faster speed with lots of features and a wide range of supported files but actually it is one of the simplest apps every designed to serve this purpose. Even a new user can install Share It on his mobile and instantly start using it without any external help. Share It is available for free on relevant app stores like Google Play Store and iTunes. Amazingly you don’t even have to pay for using this app. On most of the devices, you don’t even have to connect with a Wi-Fi network but iOS devices need both devices to use the same Wi-Fi network.

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Share It does not have any limit on the maximum file size that you can transfer but obviously larger files take more time than smaller ones. Usually Share It sends files with amazing speed of 20Mbps that means you can transfer a large video file within seconds. In order to send and receive files via Share It, the sender must select the role of ‘Sender’ and the receiving device must choose ‘Receiver’, otherwise both devices won’t connect and you won’t be able to send and receive the file.

Never Download Shareit from questionable sources or websites. Always use their official website or official play stores.

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