Music streaming industry has been getting more and more popularity for last couple of years and more than a billion people use these services to listen to their favorite songs. Spotify is a well known music streaming app, website and service which has millions of users in more than 50 countries and they have been working on expanding their territory. Although Spotify is facing tough competition from services like Pandora Internet Radio, Google Play Music and others.

According to the company’s own reports, they have 25% of the paying customers which looks promising. Spotify has divided its packages into three categories; the free subscription is free and you can use it with ads and limitations, another subscription is available for $5 per month and you can use it on desktop computers and laptops, the best value subscription is $10 per month that is available for desktop devices as well as mobile devices. (2)

Both of the paid packages are totally ads free and Spotify offers one of the largest music collections offered by any music streaming service. They have more than 20 million songs however a big percentage of the songs have never been listened to because those songs are not very popular. Their mobile apps and software are available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and gaming consoles like Xbox One.

One of the closest competitors of Spotify is Google Play Music which is interestingly has a different model. Spotify is a music streaming service where people can listen to their favorite songs by streaming but on Google Play Music they can listen to songs and albums they have purchased. Other than that, Google Play Music allows users to upload up to 20,000 songs and access them on any device with the same Google account. In other words, you don’t have to purchase music but you can listen to and stream your own songs sitting on Google’s servers. This feature is available for free. (1)

Spotify and Google Play Music both has lossless music capabilities where you can listen to songs with up to 320kbps quality. You can access Spotify website and listen to songs directly on the website or you can download their web player too. One of the best features of Spotify is remote control function that allows users to use their mobile devices to control music being played on a desktop computer. Both of the devices need to be connected with the same network and have same account.

You can change the song, shuffle them or even change the volume remotely. Like most of the other streaming services,   Spotify also has strong integration with social websites like Facebook and Twitter where you can share your favorite songs with your friends. You can create unlimited playlists and share them with your friends too. If you accidently delete a playlist, Spotify allows you to recover deleted playlists because it takes lot of time to create playlists and add favorite songs in them. Spotify web player is compatible with all major browsers.

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