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Subway Surfers is a well known game among mobile users and it is popular because of awesome game play, amazing graphics and sound effects. Subway Surfers is an endless running game just like Temple Run but both of these games are very difference. Subway Surfers is available for several different mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. As the name suggests, in Subway Surfers the main character is a young boy who has been caught doing graffiti at a subway station and now the police officer and his dog are after him.

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Young boy has to run fast, dodge different obstacle like trains and other things to escape from police officer and the dog. Players also can grab coins while running to get points and they can also grab some surprises like magnets to get some extra powers. Another great thing about Subway Surfers is its frequent updates; the developing company frequently releases updates with new sites and cities while currently Subway Surfers has several different cities including New York, New Orleans, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Miami and Paris.

As mentioned above, the main purpose of the game is to run as fast and as far as possible while avoiding handles to escape from police officer. Players can avoid those obstacles by making some movies like sliding, jump or changing the lane. Subway Surfers has different modes where the endless running is the most popular one; players can also do special missions that need precise tasks to be done and players can bonuses in return. Like most of the other games nowadays, Subway Surfers also has IAPs that unlock different features. Although you don’t have to buy things in order to play Subway Surfers but by purchasing IAPs you get power-ups and other options to play game more easily.

Subway Surfers releases new hover boards frequently and players can purchase those boards via virtual coins in the game. On the other hand, players can buy those virtual coins via real money by making purchases online. The goal of Subway Surfers is to gather as much coin as possible and find hidden keys to unlock more adventures to advance the game. The main character of the game is named Jake but you can change that character any time you want via IAPs. Although there are so many variables and characters involved in the game but amazingly it is quite simple to learn how to play this game and at the same time it is hard to master it.

Players can easily play this game on a touch screen smartphone by swiping their fingers in all four directions on the screen. For example if you want to jump in order to avoid a hurdle then swipe up to make a jump and if you want to slide in order to avoid an overhead wire or something else then swipe down to make a slide. The same goes for changing lanes that you can do easily by swiping left or right. You can download and install Subway Surfers from the relevant app stores for free.

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