Super Mario Run

Super Mario was one of the most popular games few decades ago and we all miss the modernized form of this amazing title. And finally the company has heard us and released Super Mario Run on mobile devices. Although the basic gameplay of Super Mario Run is slight different than the original Super Mario but it still provides a good experience. As the game has been released recently, you might experience some bugs and hopefully the company would fix those issues soon.

Nintendo has been making some splashes in the mobile gaming world for last couple of months. Earlier the company released Pokémon Go which combines mobile gaming with augmented reality and it was a huge hit all over the globe. Now, Super Mario Run is available for iOS and Android devices and you can download it from relevant app stores. Many people have noticed there are no IAPs in the game which is pretty surprising as micro-transaction is the most popular and successful business model for mobile apps and games at this moment.

However, the game is available with a whopping $10 price tag which is significantly more than the average spending of an average user on per app basis. As mentioned above, Super Mario Run has a different gameplay than the original Super Mario app and the reason is simple; original Super Mario was released on a gaming console while Super Mario Run is for mobile devices. This app is designed this way and it is intended to be played that way. In other words, it would be better if people see Super Mario Run as a game on its own without comparing it with the original title.

Let’s see some good and bad things about Super Mario Run.

The Good

Mobile game developers have a whole different philosophy as compared to desktop developers. You can notice that almost all successful mobile games have one thing in common; they are easy to learn and hard to master. Developers cannot possibly afford people to lose interest in the game because it too hard. Super Mario Run uses the same formula and you can learn the game in few minutes; however, mastering the game is a whole other story.

Super Mario Run graphics on older and latest iOS and Android devices are just amazing. Not only graphics but company has put effort into the sound effects as well. Considering the game is also available for younger audience, high quality sound effects and vibrance graphics make sense. You can play the game on small screen devices as well as large screen devices without significantly affecting the overall experience.

The Bad

As mentioned above, Super Mario Run is available for $10 which would be surprising for some people who are not used to spend that much money on a single app. However, considering the popularity of the title, this may not be a bad thing after all.

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