Transferring files from one mobile device to another via Bluetooth could be frustrating task because of bigger file size and overall sow speed of transferring. Not to mention, you cannot send files to iOS devices from an Android or other device. Now SuperBeam has resolved this issue and you can send files with lightening fast speed. Interestingly, SuperBeam uses already existing features and technologies and it has made the process simpler than ever.

It used Wi-Fi Direct feature on Android devices and sends files via Wi-Fi to other devices. It is available for desktop computers as well as for mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and others. You need SuperBeam installed on sending and receiving devices however you can also use its web interface on desktop computers if you don’t have it on the receiving computer. Millions of people all over the globe use SuperBeam to send and receive files.

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SuperBeam is 200 times faster than Bluetooth and you can send even large files like videos instantly. It supports all kind of files including audios, videos, documents and others. SuperBeam works best if both devices use same Wi-Fi network. Let’s see how it can help you share your contents with other people.

How to install and initialize SuperBeam?

You can download and install SuperBeam on mobile devices from the relevant app store. It is available for free while the premium version unlocks some advanced features however the free version can do the trick too. For desktop computers, you can download it from their official website. You don’t have to install SuperBeam on desktop PC to receive files because you can use the web interface for that purpose but you need the software for sending files to other devices.

After installing the mobile app, you can change the receiving folder and other things like themes from the settings menu.

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How to send and receive files using SuperBeam?

On Android devices, when you install SuperBeam it automatically appears in the “Share” menu. So, if you want to share a picture or video, go to gallery and tap on share button to open the menu. From there you can select SuperBeam. It will show a QR code, web address and a code; they work as authentication code and you can use any of them. On the receiving device open SuperBeam and either scan the QR code, use the web address or write the code to authenticate.

Interestingly, you can use the QR scanning feature on laptops too because they have camera. QR is the fastest way of authentication because you don’t have to write the address manually. One of the best features of SuperBeam is its history. By default, SuperBeam records all the history of your device sending and receiving files via SuperBeam.

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This feature helps users track in case they are missing something. However, if you don’t want SuperBeam to record your history, you can turn this feature off from the settings menu. SuperBeam is a light weight app and service that does not use system resources excessively.

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