SuperBeam: Quick and Easy File Sharing

We all love Bluetooth technology and we all love transferring files from one phone to another. Of course we years ago, Bluetooth revolutionize the concept of file and media sharing, and made it possible for people to share pictures and other files with other people on their phones. Even though this technology has seen some improvements over the year, Bluetooth sharing is still slow and it is almost impossible to send a large file over it as it would take hours to transfer.

SuperBeam is the ultimate solution; interestingly, the majority of people don’t even know how it works and it is a good thing. Developing team behind this amazing app has made things so simple that users don’t have to learn technical details to get things done. SuperBeam is available for all Android devices running Android 4.0 or above. It is available for phones as well as tablets. The free version of SuperBeam comes with some limitations while the premium version sells for $1 on Google Play Store and has more features than the free version.

In order to transfer files from one device to another, both of the devices must have SuperBeam install on them. Interestingly, if only one device has SuperBeam on it and there is no internet connection from where the second device can download the app, the first device can share the app via Bluetooth. All you have to do is go to “share it” option and send the app via Bluetooth to the other device.

Besides one device to another, SuperBeam can also send files to and from laptop. You can download SuperBeam for PC from their official website. After downloading the app from app store, you can either open the app and select which files you want to share or you can simple navigate to the gallery (if you want to share pictures or videos) or open a file manager app to select the files you want to share. From the “share” list, select SuperBeam and the app would show you 3 things; QR code, text code and web address.

On the receiving device, whether it is another mobile device or a PC, you can scan the QR code and the transfer would begin. This is one of the best features of SuperBeam as you don’t have to write a text code and scanning QR code only takes 2 seconds. However, if for some reason you can’t scan the code, you can always use the text code. The web address is the IP address of the device with the special port. You can open a browser on the PC and navigate to that address to download the file. In this case, the sender and receiver have to be on the same network.

SuperBeam is a must-have app that comes in handy often. With 20x more transfer speed than standard Bluetooth, it can transfer larger files in matter of seconds.

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