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Zombies, Run! did a great job of making running fun and vibrant. Superhero Workout sets out to do the same but for rep-based exercise workouts. It’s not perfect, but it’s a more rewarding way of keeping up those workouts than simply relying on traditional willpower.


You play a pilot of a prototype battle suit that has to be powered through your exercises. Simply put, crunches power your suit’s reactor, while punches allow you to inflict damage upon enemies. That sounds reasonably open-ended but Superhero Workout actually keeps you organized through a series of specific workouts.

Each workout lasts around 17 to 25 minutes with a variety of different exercises involved. You might spend 30 seconds performing crunches, swiftly followed by planking or completing push-ups. Basic equipment such as a chair can be needed but Superhero Workout keeps things fairly straightforward. 20 missions are available in all, each cranking up the difficulty level and calories burned as you progress.

Elsewhere are 12 separate workouts tying into the 7 minute workout style formula. There’s even an endless battle mode for the determined soul.

The real trick to Superhero Workout comes from its motion tracking, however. It promises to track every single rep you perform, figuring out the calories burned along the way. It’s not perfect, sometimes missing out on a vital rep or two, but it’s a promising start.

Of course, take away the bells and whistles of the superhero theme and Superhero Workout is a fairly typical workout app. It follows similar mentalities to many other exercise apps but throws in achievements and a plentiful supply of statistics to keep you distracted. The key here is that it does so in a way that makes performing simple reps seem more enjoyable than usual, which ultimately is exactly what will keep you coming back to Superhero Workout for more.


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