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Swiftkey Keyboard is a well known Android and iOS app that millions of people use every day. Earlier this app had a price tag of $3 but now you can download it for free from relevant app stores like iTunes and Google Play Store. As the name suggests, Swiftkey Keyboard is a 3rd party keyboard app that you can use as a replacement keyboard on your Android or iOS devices like phones and tablets.

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This app supports a wide range of Android devices and you can even install it on low-end devices. iOS didn’t allow devices with older iOS to install 3rd party keyboards but now if you have iOS 8 or later then you can install Swiftkey Keyboard on your device. There are many reasons behind the insane popularity of this app. First of all, it has tons of beautiful themes that you can apply according to your preferences. Other than making your keyboard beautiful, you can also change its settings.

Swiftkey Keyboard got overnight popularity all over the globe because of its insanely accurate predictions. This app learns about users’ patterns of typing different words and phrases in different programs and then it predicts the exact word at the right time. It predicts the next word based on previous words and your typing patterns. Interestingly, it doesn’t only suggest words which are already available in the dictionary but it also records and learns new words you type.

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It means the words you type don’t have to be proper words to be predicted the next time. Of course Swiftkey Keyboard works flawlessly on all Android devices and it even works better on Android tablets. Users can split the keyboard in two parts to make it work on larger screen. There are more than 20 different themes available in theme stores that you can download and apply instantly.

The earlier versions of Swiftkey Keyboard were able to predict words but now the app can also predict emoji icons. This is a wonderful feature for people who send lots of emoji icons. Interestingly, company launches new and better versions of Swiftkey Keyboard every now and then. It has made the prediction feature even better. Swiftkey Keyboard supports numerous languages and you can select which languages you are going to use in Swiftkey Keyboard.

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You can use multiple languages in Swiftkey Keyboard at the same time. These languages could be added from the settings menu of Swiftkey Keyboard. You can switch between multiple languages from Swiftkey Keyboard while typing by swiping right or left on spacebar button. Interestingly, when you change the language from Swiftkey Keyboard, it also changes the prediction bar and predicts words in that selected language.

Swiftkey Keyboard has another feature called flow input; as the name suggests, flow input or flow typing allows users to type words without pressing individual buttons but instead flow their finger about different letters. Of course this particular feature is not easy to use for new users but some people like it because of fast typing speed with this feature.

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