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Talking Tom is one of the earliest and most popular iOS app ever released. Although this app was initially developed for iOS devices but because it gained insane overnight popularity all over the globe, the company decided to launch this app on other platforms as well. There is no age limit and everybody can enjoy his app yet Talking Tom is specifically popular among kids who love seeing a talking character on a mobile device. The main character of the app is Talking Tom and he does react to different kind of interactions.

For example the user can touch Tom’s tail and see his reaction or can touch him on his head. Additionally the cat repeats everything you say and this particular feature is the main reason behind the popularity of this app as kids love seeing it talking. There are several different version of Talking Tom available for almost every widely used mobile platform yet the original Talking Tom app is still out there. Because of the technological advancement, the newer versions of Talking Tom have more advanced features and awesome graphics but the basic of all those versions is the same.


Talking Tom app is available for free on app stores and other Talking Tom versions are also available for free; Talking Tom comes with IAPs. The free version has only the basic features but you have to buy additional packs via IAPs to unlock different features of the app. Most of those additional features and IAPs are available for $1 but it is not necessary to buy them if you don’t want to. Currently Talking Tom app is available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

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There are many things in Talking Tom that you might like while there are some features that are not very likeable. First of all the graphics of Talking Tom are awesome and the sound effects are particularly made for kids and the developing team has done amazing job in sound department. Other than that, the cat repeats things without making a mistake or missing the sound. Users can record the session and even share it with their friends via the app itself. Unfortunately this sharing feature is not available in the free version but you have to unlock it via IAPs.

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The company has even released a web version of Talking Tom so you can still enjoy this app without any compatible smartphone with the help of a desktop computer and web browser. The first version of Talking Tom was only compatible with iPhone but now the app supports phones as well as tablets. You can get Talking Tom for free from relevant app stores like Google Play Store, iTunes and Windows App Store. As the app was designed for the older devices, it is developed in way it uses very little system resources as well as the battery power. You can even run Talking Tom on low end devices with less RAM and storage.

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