Tapet is an Android app that is designed for people who love using beautiful wallpaper on their Android devices like phones and tablets. There are tons of similar apps available on Google Play Store that allows users to browse through their online catalog and select wallpaper of their choice. However, you need internet access to see their online collection. It means either you need Wi-Fi network or you have to use the data plan that does not come cheap because of high resolution wallpaper you download.

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This particular app revolutionize wallpaper as it has unlimited collection and Tapet does not even use internet. It is a mathematics based app that use patterns and algorithms to create wallpapers. It creates those wallpapers in real time that means it doesn’t even use device storage unless you download those wallpapers after creating them using Tapet. When you start Tapet app, it shows nothing but a wallpaper on the main screen where you can swipe left and right to create next or previous wallpaper.

Even though Tapet uses complex algorithms, it works efficiently on low end devices. The real magic happens from the settings menu from where you can control the patterns and other things. Tap on the top left corner of the main interface to open the menu and go to settings. The first option is Master Switch that allows app to change wallpaper after a time interval. From second feature called Time Interval, you can set the wallpaper change frequency. You can even set minutes or days according to your preferences.

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There are many other options too that are relevant to the time interval of changing wallpapers. From Effects you can modify the way those wallpapers appear on the Homescreen of your device. From sharing and saving feature you can set the default size of image when you save it on your device and you can also change the image size while sharing wallpapers with your friends. Make sure you use the exact screen resolution of your device for saving wallpapers and you can select the sharing size according to your preferences.

Tapet has many patterns and virtually unlimited color combinations that mean it can create millions of different wallpapers without downloading even single wallpaper from the internet. From the main menu you can check the history that shows all of the previous wallpapers you have created. If you like particular wallpaper, it goes to the Likes section without being downloaded to the device.

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It’s exactly like bookmarking a web page that you can access later. It means you can put as many wallpaper as you want in Likes section without being worried about your device storage. Amazingly you can also dislike wallpaper and by making these choices, Tapet learns about your preferences and creates wallpapers that you might like. If you want to use some particular colors more than others or you want to use some patterns more frequently then you can go to Patterns or Colors sections to make that happen.

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