Technology has changed the way we listen to our favorite music; now you don’t have to buy DVDs or buy digital music online as you can subscribe to music streaming services and get access to unlimited music. Tidal is one of the most popular music streaming apps and services in the world. It is mainly known for its lossless music and you can enjoy the service for free for a week as trial period. Besides high quality sound, Tidal is famous for its amazing mobile apps, music videos and easy to use music discovery feature.

Let’s talk about the cost; when the service was launched almost two years ago, it costs $20 per month with normal quality sound. Now the service offers two different subscriptions for two entirely different type of audience. You can get Tidal for $10 per month with 320kbps bit rate which is a standard in music industry. This bit rate is more than enough for most of the people however if you want to get your hands on lossless music, the $20 per month subscription would do the trick.

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In many ways Tidal is quite similar to Spotify; both services have amazing web players, desktop players and dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices. Like most of the other music services and apps, Tidal also allows offline listening so you can enjoy your favorite songs even when you don’t have internet access. There are more than 25 million songs in Tidal library and the service tries to add latest songs as soon as possible.

Most of the other music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music which deliver music in MP3 or OGG file formats Tidal delivers music in FLAC format with 1411kbps bit rate. Even if you don’t have technical knowledge on this subject, it is pretty easy to guess that 1411kbps would be a lot better than 320kbps. However, Tidal is not just a FLAC streaming service but it also has more than 75,000 video songs in its library.

In order to understand the difference between the quality of MP3 and FLAC, you need to understand how the file size is reduced. To make it easier for listeners to download and for obvious purposes, the music is compressed and during the compression process, lots of details are lost. This does not happen in case of FLAC and every music detail is preserved. That’s why a normal MP3 file size ranges between 4-6 MBs while FLAC files could be of 60-100 MBs; that’s a lot of difference.

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You can download Tidal official mobile apps from relevant app stores like iTunes and Google Play Store for free. Almost all music streaming services have integrated their mobile apps with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and so does the Tidal. In order to listen to music, you need to download the app and use your account credential for login. Also you can attach your Facebook account with that to share your favorite track with your friends by simply tapping a button.

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