Fitting everything into your day is frequently quite tough. On any given day odds are you’ve got work to go to, meetings to attend, chores to complete, meals to prepare and cook, and maybe an extra curricular activity or two as well. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to have some time to just sit and think for a little while? Timeful is an app that hopes to make that entire process a little easier to bear, and it does a pretty good job of it, too.

The core concept behind it is that it takes your already bulging calendar (connecting to Google Calendar, iCal, as well as numerous other popular services), it takes your to do list, then consolidates the two – fitting things into the gaps. You tell it when you tend to sleep so that means there’s no fear of Timeful scheduling you to do something at 2am.


Timeful provides motivational side features too, with the set up process suggesting that you might want to create some time for useful or fun things such as exercising a few times a week, drinking more water, or simply kicking back and thinking for a few minutes. It’s a neat idea and Timeful works quite well at making it simple to do.

Each day, you check what needs doing and Timeful slots in your extra activities wherever there’s a gap between meetings. Stick with it and you’ll find yourself completing such activities because the app has reminded you that you do have more free time than you thought. It’s not perfect as the layout is a little fiddly to move around and add tasks to, but it works well enough.

The lack of location aware features is also a slight issue for those used to more flexible calendar based services, but the foundations for Timeful are pretty sound. Both as a reminder that few people’s lives are that busy and as a helpful tool to ensure you make the most of your day, Timeful is sure to be very convenient.


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