Tinder is the most popular dating app and service that have millions of users all over the globe. It is available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. Although there are plenty of dating services and apps available online but Tinder is famous because of its easy to use interface, elegant design and brilliant algorithm that matches people based on their preferences and profiles.

You can use Tinder on your iOS or Android device by using your Facebook account. Of course it is much easier to use your Facebook credentials to login instead of creating a separate account on Tinder. It also means the Tinder app automatically gathers your information from your Facebook profile and you don’t need to write that information again or set up the Tinder account manually.

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Simply enter your Facebook account credentials and Tinder app will set your profile instantly. Tinder app is almost 3 years old and since then it has been through some major changes. This service has matches millions of profiles together and helped millions of couples. The company launched iOS version of their app in 2012 and after the huge success they launched the Android version.

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One of the best things about Tinder app is it’s easy to use interface and simplistic design that is distraction free. That means people can use Tinder app easily for the purpose it is designed and developed. The developing team has done its best to keep things straightforward for users. Most of the features are accessible via gestures and swiping rather than on screen buttons. When you want to check out someone else’s profile, simply tap on their name and the Tinder app will show you the similarities you both have.

Although the earlier versions of Tinder app on iOS and Android devices had some performance issues and bugs but now those issues are resolved and everything runs perfect and smoothly. Tinder apps load the required information and data in the background and shows the interface flawlessly even on slower networks. Tinder is the most popular dating and match making app and service now but it faced tough competition from other similar services and apps like Match.com and OKCupid.

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One of the greatest features of Tinder app is the ability to get the exact geographical location of the user by using the GPS feature and uses that information to match another profile in nearby area. As mentioned above, Tinder app needs Facebook account to work but it does not post on your wall without your permission. That means if you want to use Tinder app secretly without letting your friends know then you don’t have to worry about automatic posts made by Tinder app.

Unlike other match making and dating apps, Tinder uses a simple interface and method to help you find someone who has the same preferences. It shows profiles of different people who have matching profiles and shows two buttons with Like and Dislike buttons. You can simply press one button and move on.

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