Top Android Calculator Apps

We all use calculator apps on our Android devices but unfortunately the native calculator app does not have many features. We have compiled a list of some amazing calculator apps available for Android devices. Let’s talk about these apps and their features.

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My Script Calculator

My Script Calculator is not an ordinary app where you can type things you want to calculate but this app has taken things to the next level where you can handwrite. All you need to do is write mathematical operations on the screen and My Script Calculator automatically understands and calculates everything.

Of course this app could not be effectively used on most of the devices but if you have a stylus based device like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then this app is designed for you. My Script Calculator is available for free on Google Play Store and it does not have IAPs.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator is one of the most popular calculator apps available for Android devices. This app is exactly like a scientific calculator that features algebraic functions and other features. The best thing about RealCalc Scientific Calculator is its interface which is simple and seems like a real scientific calculator. Although it does not support graphs but it has almost every feature a normal user could use.

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RealCalc Scientific Calculator is available for free in Google Play Store and there are no IAPs. However, there is a $3 version of RealCalc Scientific Calculator too that does not have additional features but specifically designed to support the developer.

HandyCalc Calculator

HandyCalc Calculator is another calculator app which is based on a unique design and functionality. This app shows previous steps as well as with multi-line screen. Although the developer has done his best to pack this app with tons of features and those functions work perfectly but the design and interface of HandyCalc Calculator is kind of obsolete and it should be improved. HandyCalc Calculator is available for free on Google Play Store and it does support a wide range for devices including phones and tablets.

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Calculator ++

Calculator ++ is one of the most advanced calculator apps available for Android devices. Calculator ++ has all features a user could expect from an advanced scientific calculator. There are algebraic functions, variables and graphs. Interestingly, Calculator ++ works great on latest devices as well as with older Android devices running Android 1.6. Very few other apps support older devices. Calculator ++ has two versions; the free version is ads supported and the premium version is available via IAPs. Calculator ++ has Homescreen widget too so you can access it instantly.

Calculator Plus

Calculator Plus is popular because of its simple and easy to use design; this app has big icons that allow users to use this app like a normal calculator for day to day use. Calculator Plus even supports multi windows on latest Android devices and you can get it for $1 from Google Play Store. The best thing about Calculator Plus is its support for phones and tablets both.

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