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You’ll be amazed to know how many work related apps and services people use on daily basis to manage the workflow. App stores like Google Play Store and iTunes are loaded with thousands of productivity apps and here we are with a list of some amazing Android productivity apps that are on top position in Google Play Store. Whether you need them or not, these apps definitely worth a try because otherwise you’ll never know what you are missing. Let’s talk about these apps briefly.

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Mailbox is a multi platform app that is available for Android and iOS devices and users can use it as an alternative of Gmail app on their Android devices including smartphones and tablets. Mailbox is popular among users because of its minimal design and interface that makes everything easier. Users can simply swipe left and right to delete or archive a message. Although Mailbox has some amazing features but it is still not perfect, it does not save drafts as Gmail app does. On the plus side it is available for free on Google Play Store.


Trello is a digital bulletin board that is not only super easy to use but also has some powerful features and advanced integration capabilities with other tools. With the help of Trello, users can create different projects and even create different boards to manage those projects. Providing access to other users to a specific board or project is simple and the administrator can define roles and privileges to control everything. Trello is one of the best ways to manage tasks, projects, workflow and even teams. It is available for free on Google Play Store and iTunes.


LastPass makes sure you don’t have to waste time finding the login details for a particular service or website because it manages all of your passwords in a safe vault. Obviously it uses advanced encryption techniques to keep that data safe. LastPass is available for android, iOS and Windows Phone devices and amazingly it automatically syncs data among all devices so you don’t have to do that manually. Besides its mobile apps, LastPass is also available as browser extension and it automatically fills login details and forms on different websites.

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Evernote is a popular note taking app available for many different mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada, Symbian as well as for desktop platforms. Evernote is not just a note taking app or service but it has some advanced features that no other similar app does. Users can take notes as text or they can use handwriting feature on devices with stylus. It automatically syncs all the data across different devices to keep things updated.

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Dropbox is a must have app for every mobile user because it keeps the personal data safe on cloud storage. Unlike many other similar apps and services, Dropbox mobile app is pretty simple and easy to use. You can get the mobile app free for your Android device from Google Play Store and you’ll get 2GB of free storage after creating account.

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