Top Android Updates This Week

Here we are with top Android updates this week and if you own an Android phone or tablet then don’t forget to download or update these amazing apps. Let’s talk about these apps and their new features briefly.

Fleksy Keyboard Free

Fleksy Keyboard Free is a well known 3rd part keyboard available for Android devices and the company has just updated this app to version 6.0.1 that comes with some new features as well as design. The latest version brings 10 new themes and now users have even more choices to select the layout of the keyboard according to their preferences. There are many new emoji icons in the new version too. Other than adding new emoji icons, Fleksy Keyboard Free version 6.0.1 also comes with better emoji support and easy scrolling. As the name says, Fleksy Keyboard Free is available for free in Google Play Store.

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Xbox Music

Xbox Music is a relatively newer app and the company behind it, Microsoft has been releasing newer and better versions ever since its release. Now Microsoft has released version 3.0.0 that brings some significant changes and new features. First of all, the latest versions support offline music playing in a wide range of devices while the previous version had support for only a limited number of Android phones and tablets. Xbox Music 3.0.0 is now integrated with OneDrive and users can see their music collection in Xbox Music that is saved in OneDrive. Xbox Music is also available for free on Google Play Store.

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As Google Hangouts didn’t work as expected as a messaging app, Google developed Messenger app few months ago and now the company has released version 1.4.046 that brings some new functions and features. With the latest version of Messenger app on Android devices, users can share their location easily with their friends and family. The earlier version had some bugs and performance issues that Google has resolved and the new version is expected to be better. Other than these, Messenger app now allows users to share stickers too.

Action Launcher 3

Although Action Launcher 3 is a relatively newer launcher available for android devices but it successfully got millions of downloads in short time. Unlike most of the other launchers, Action Launcher 3 focuses on the productivity and performance of the device. The company has released version 3.5.0 that comes with a new feature called Quick bar. With the help of Quick bar, users can instantly access apps, actions, shortcuts as well as groups. Amazingly the app allows users to customize the Quick bar according to their preference. Action Launcher 3 is available for free in Google Play Store and it does support a wide range of devices.

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Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is based on a unique idea that combines calendar with email client. The company has released version 4.2.0 and this latest version now support Office 365 on Android phones and tablets. Other than support for Office 365, this version also supports Outlook, Hotmail and Live. You can get Sunrise Calendar for free from Google Play Store.

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